A family of four walked into one of our showrooms to buy a sofa for their living room. They had already explored a lot of options. After interacting with Durian, they began to see their requirement differently.

They were not just in need of a sofa – they were in search of a sofa that could withstand rough handling.

The Customer Profile

The couple had two children: one was a toddler and the other was an adolescent. They also had a pet at home. They had developed a certain mindset in favour of fabric and against leatherette.

The Challenge

The husband and wife were looking for a sofa that is low on maintenance as the toddler would spill food or paint on the furniture around him, or would scratch it with a pointed object while playing.

The two had been to several stores and were yet to make up their mind about buying one. They were not convinced about any of the options they’d come across so far.

Most stores recommended a fabric-based sofa to them – it was projected as the kind that could be easily maintained. They were also assured that the fabric can be changed from time to time in case of surface-level damage like stains.

The Solution

For requirements such as this one, Durian typically recommends leatherette sofa. To them, we recommended the Charles Leatherette Sofa. We explained to them that because a leatherette sofa was their best choice because it could be cleaned easily. They wouldn’t have to worry a lot about the stains or scratches caused by rough handling.

The couple wasn’t convinced though.


The Psychological Barrier

When they came to Durian, they’d quite made up their mind about the fabric-based sofa as a better option because it could be changed from time to time. The other stores had convinced them about the replaceability of fabric.

Instead of looking for a possible long term solution, they were thinking about a short term fix that needs regular replacement and attention. That’s why they were very apprehensive about leatherette as a material.

The Process of Decision Making


Our design consultant understood that the couple needed to be guided in their decision-making process.

He explained to them the various advantages that a leatherette sofa enjoys over other types of sofas:

  1. It boasts a premium look and finish.
  2. It’s ideal for family with kids or pets as the sofa material goes through various tests:

a. It is stain-resistant and water-resistant which makes it an ideal choice, especially in homes with young children (who increase the chances of spilling food, water etc on the material)

b. Contrary to the widely prevalent mindset, the material leatherette is very easy to clean and maintain.

c. This material is chemical-free and pesticide-free making it less harmful than other chemical-based materials.

d. Leatherette reduces the chances of any allergic reactions that are caused by other materials.

e. The leatherette that Durian uses is an anti-peel material.

Once, they were convinced about the advantages of leatherette as a material, we turned their attention to Charles sofa.  There were several reasons why it was best suited to them. We explained that:

  1. It met their requirement of a high back.
  2. It has plush cushions that ensure great comfort.
  3. It has an adjustable headrest with the click-clack mechanism.

The Customisation

The sofa at the showroom was brown in colour. However, the family wanted a red coloured sofa. We, at Durian, allow customisation of upholstery in a range of colours and textures.

The husband and wife were delighted that what we’d recommended met their décor requirements too.

The Add-on

All our sofas come with a five years warranty which includes upholstery as well. This was an add-on that the couple hadn’t come across anywhere else.

The Decision

The couple felt satisfied with their choice. They had found something that suited their sensitive requirements.