With summer coming close, all we need is a comfy siesta on a couch that also adds value to our house interiors. Welcoming new trends and designs gives the home a fresh look. A few fresh designs from Durian are here to help you stay updated with all the new trends. Let’s have a look at some of the best pieces introduced this season.

Harper is the perfect choice when you’re looking to redecorate your living room. Made with high winged back frame using tropical wood, this sofa is a real definition of comfort. The cushion provided with the sofa, gives your back some extra support to lean on for a peaceful lazy day read.

Buy Single Seater Sofa

The all new revolving lounge chair is here with a fresh design. The contemporary high back along with its rich upholstery and the attractive violet colour is what catches everyone’s attention. Brita is that chair on which you want to lounge upon.

Revolving Lounge Chair

The stunning Pecan Brown leather Frederick Sofa, decked with power recliners is just what you need to relax this season. The grand sofa brings in comfort with just the push of a button, making it your best friend to rely on, when you need company.

Pecan Brown Leather Frederick Sofa

Vintage never goes out of fashion. The solid wood vintage side table, Evan is loved by one and all. The circular ornate design coupled with slender curves is reminiscent of traditional furniture designs from the late 70’s and 80’s. Evan is the perfect companion for your mid evening snack time.

Solid Wood Vintage Side Table

The showstopper is here to add charm to your living room. The fabric Blue Chenille of Park is one of a kind. It adds extra beauty to your living spaces. The solid wood frame of the sofa is fitted with led lights, creating illumination at night-time which makes it an antique one.

Solid Wood Sofa

We are always on the cutting edge to make appropriate additions with the latest designs to stay ahead of the curve in modern furniture! For the best in modern furniture, visit your nearest Durian stores or buy latest furniture online at www.durian.in.