Nobody likes to work at a dark and dingy workspace all day. Where do you think you would work better: in a plain white cubicle, or a fun loving place surrounded by things that you love? With just a few small changes, you can brighten up your workspace to improve your mood, creativity and productivity.

Here are a few things that you should definitely try:

1) Organise your desk

Having a clean desk will help you maintain a sense of accomplishment. So make sure your papers are filed neatly in your chest of drawers and your pens are stashed into an organizer. Scattered cords also give off an impression of messiness, so hook them under your desk or hold them in place with binder clips. This will make your desk look organised, giving you the positive vibe to work.

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2) Add colours

White certainly brightens up the office space. Adding small pops of bright colours also does the same trick. It will help your thoughts be more organized and colourful. Add some bright desk accessories or add a coloured bulletin board or bright wall calendar to your space to make it more attractive.

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3) Add artistic décor

Adding in artistic elements can do wonders with how a space looks and feels. From artwork, wall coverings to architectural feature walls, even the most dreary space can get a facelift with these fancy additions. Take it a step further and incorporate some upbeat design elements to make the space feel more comfortable.

Artistic Wall Decor

4) Mix up different textures

Adding varied materials throughout the workplace to create an office environment that influences wellness and productivity is thoughtful. Products with a rich materials provides the people in your office with the opportunity to be original and more creative, inspiring them to work more passionately.

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5) Lighten up your office

The key to a bright and vibrant workplace is the right lighting. There’s always room for a tiny and attractive desk lamp. It just makes your desk look pretty, giving you motivation to work effectively and also allows you to personally control the amount of light in your work space.


6) End of the permanent layouts

Flexibility is something that gives energy to your traditional office spaces, planned with permanent layouts. Products designed to have every element move and fit without rules gives the space a comfortable ambiance. Modular furniture can be mixed, stacked and moved around, offering innumerable combinations for a dynamic and collaborative workplace.

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A lighter, brighter, workspace will not only be a happy place to spend your days, it will also boost your productivity, time-management, and efficiency — and who doesn’t want that?