All employees need a place to take rest and respite from the grind of their daily tasks. It is a place of zen from which good ideas are born.

Here are the 10 essential elements to create the perfect break room.

1) Simple is the smart way to go

Most office spaces tend to overcompensate by cluttering their break rooms with a lot of random pieces that do not suit the space and lead to inconvenience and untidiness. This problem can be negated through clever use of a few well-placed pieces.

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2) Build a space that is conversational, not conventional

Some of the best conversations happen over cups of coffee, a simple game of chess, or simple banter within the confines of a comfortable space. Adding a few floor chairs, a few  stylish coffee tables are guaranteed to create the perfect atmosphere for some great ideas.

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3) Variation leads to diversity

No one wants to come to a space that is dull and uninteresting, so it is always highly recommended to buy pieces that add a unique flavour to your space that keeps it fresh.

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4) The break room is in the office, but it is its own world

Your break room exists within the confines of the office space, but is not confined by the office space, and as such, is not limited by patterns or formality. The break room is a place of comfort for your employees, and should be furnished with that in mind.

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5) Listen, learn, apply

One of the most important things you can do is listen to the advice of your staff. Some might adore floor chairs, while some may prefer having lounge chairs that are better suited to their unique needs.

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6) Your very own party space

Your break room will additionally substitute as your very own party room, so make sure you stack up on plenty of chairs and coffee tables for all those last minute celebrations, you could save a mountain of time and effort. 

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7) Following a theme helps

Like most things in the office, it is good to follow a theme that does not necessarily need to conform to the overall design of your office space. It should be an escape from the daily grind, a place for your employees to unwind.

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8) Break the ice over the lunch table

Make sure that you have tables large enough to accommodate everyone, as adequate spacing for all will lead to a pleasant dining experience that will leave everyone feeling refreshed after their lunch break.

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9) It is a matter of movement

Lightweight and ergonomic furniture ensures that it can be moved or adjusted according to the preferences of the person using it, without causing too much strain. An element that is not to be taken lightly.

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10) Break the monotony of work

This is important for creating more efficient employees. That is why creating a space that establishes a creative, open atmosphere is crucial to ensuring their health and happiness.

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