The one thing people ponder about when it comes to revamping their house is choosing the best colour that can set the mood for their home. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right colours to give your home that festive feeling.

1) The right colour makes the space refreshing

The large spaces can make one feel uneasy. Adding touches of warm colours can make the space more cozy and inviting, just what you need for the family gatherings. For the living room, rich jeweled toned furniture seem to be perfect for creating an open and social environment.

Durian Sylvie Velvet Sectional Sofa

2) Just like dinner, the dining room is best kept warm

The holidays are that time when we’re focused on redecorating the interiors for family gatherings. Nothing speaks “home” like a perfect kitchen setting. When selecting your favourite dining set, it is best to consider cherry red, or royal blue, both colours that compliment rich wood dining sets.

Durian Florence X Odyssey Edit 6 Seater Veneer Dining Set in Dark Oak

3) Every day is a new day

Colours have the magical power of making everything look new and stylish, just like the holiday season. It brings in the positive energies for the families to settle in peace after a long day. A white coloured bedroom set goes well with almost any bedroom.

Durian Magnolia Bed in White Finish

4) Light up your home

Lights are a big part of the festive season. From LEDs, to focus lights and beyond, the mood of your home is decided by how this light interacts with your furniture.

Durian Elton Chesterfield Leatherette Sofa Set

5) A classic in both colour and style! 

Fabric sofas strike the perfect balance between elegance and comfort. Available in whimsical floral prints to refreshing jewel tones, it goes well with almost any setting and is both warm and inviting for your holiday home.

Ruse X Odyssey Edit Velvet Sofa Set in Ruby Red

Explore our eclectic collection of premium sofas, beds, dining, and more online or at your nearest Durian Furniture store and bring home the furniture you will cherish for years to come. To find which furniture colours suit your home best, book a free consultation today.