Create a lively, festive vibe at your home. Here’s how

The Festive season is here upon us and different parts of the country will be gearing up to shake off the past, welcome the future and revel in its celebration. A major part of the meeting and greeting during such festivals, happens at homes. And since you will be all decked up and radiant, please spare a thought for your home; don’t you think it deserves a makeover too? 🙂

Here are five ways to give your home the best kind of makeover.

1. Rearrange Your Living Room Furniture

The living room plays a key role during all festivals. It’s where you greet guests, it’s where the conversations usually happen. So, it’s but natural that the living room, where you have the sofas and the teapoy, should be redesigned to suit the occasion a lot more. We would recommend you to place the sofas in a huddle of sorts so that you can have a relaxed and cozy conversation.


2. Pick Bright Colours

Use bright shades for home decor during festive occasions. As Indians, we have always found solace in slightly brighter, celebratory colour tones rather than western colour palettes that are on the duller side. So, you could re-do the walls or add an antique or two that stands out. Place ethnic rugs or curtains that give your space a festive spirit.


3. Be Very Particular About The Lighting

You need to be as careful as a theatre production person when it comes to deciding on the lighting during get-togethers on festivals. Light plays an important role in setting the mood, whether it is natural light or shadows that we are talking about. In the mornings allow natural light to sift through your windows and create an environment of casual, airy conversation. In the nights, some yellow light sets a cozy and musical mood. So be very particular about lighting during such occasions.


4. Make a Photo-Wall

A wall full of hanging polaroids is very fashionable nowadays. You could probably hang all the old pictures that you took on get-togethers, of family and friends on your walls. This also creates a happy vibe in your house.


5. Be Creative In Your Choices

When you actually sit down to redo your home, you will see that you have many options- whether I should whitewash this wall or add some paint, or maybe move the TV unit here or wait, there?? You will face many a dilemma and the best way to deal with this is to be creative with the very process. Go with your instinct and let your home mirror the same excitement that you have in you. The result is always authentic and beautiful.


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