Diwali, the festival of lights is one of the biggest festivals of India. It brings families together to celebrate love and joy and to share varieties of sweets. In this festive mood, let your home reflect the celebratory cheer. Give it a makeover by trying out these simple tips.

1)  Having an entrance that looks Diwali ready:- 

Place an Urli filled with water and fresh flowers and light up the evenings with the diyas creating the most welcoming entrance for good energy to glide in this festive season.

Rangoli On Floor

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2) Keeping it classy:-

Diwali starts and ends with the lights. Decorate the rooms with tea light candles placed on the sides of the beds or sofas. Or place them on the middle of the table surrounding it with the classy recliner chairs or sofa sets to preview some artistic elements giving the room a festive look.

Tea light candles

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3) Decorating the dining area:-

Festivals are all about sharing and dining together. A big family gathering requires a big dining area. Redecorating it with the solid table will not only provide comfort but also give your dining room a modern and imperial look.

Dining Room Furniture

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4) Lighting up the living room with some extra pieces:-

Some quaint brass cups and tumblers and a lamp on the table will lend perfect aura of celebration to your hallway. Try placing the chairs and an extra table for the entire family to settle in together in a single room.

Living Room Decor

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5) Creating a cosier environment with cushions, rugs and carpets 

Adding a few extra cushions can give your bedroom a warm feeling. Even rugs can help in giving the room a regal look.

Bedroom Furniture

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6) Redecorating the lawn for a perfect Diwali celebration:-

Just when you don’t feel like staying at home while others are busy burning different types of crackers, how convenient would it get if you can place some Claret chairs in the lawn for spending the best quality time with friends and family.

Claret chairs

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