With the New Year here, the talk of the town usually centres on one word: resolutions.
I want a promotion, a new car perhaps or a home; or maybe to lose weight? Don’t we set such goals for ourselves every year?

But you could try out something different this time around- by making resolutions not for yourself, but for your home. Our homes are nothing but extensions of our own personalities. To have a good looking home reflects well on who we are and what we do. So here are a few odd New Year resolutions you can take to spruce up your home:

1- Space out your furniture in the living room

Its important to create the right kind of atmosphere and mood in your living room and spacing out your furniture plays a big role in doing so. You must make sure that the furniture is not more than eight feet apart from one another, in order to facilitate conversation.


Courtesy : Stephen Di Donato

2- Hang an interior curtain

If you hang a curtain the middle of room, it sets the tone for surprise and revelation. It also makes the room appear a lot more spacious and airy. Usually, an interior curtain is used in the bedroom.


Courtesy : house beautiful

3- Go for contrast

If you are confused about choosing colours for your home then there’s one tried and tested route that always works- going for contrast. Pairing up light and heavy colours in the right proportion, be it in furniture or other decor pays rich visual dividends.


Courtesy :  Annie Spratt

4- Try out different Textures

To use stuff like fabric and glass on a painted wall creates the right kind of aesthetic dynamics for your home. If you too can be inventive with your texture game and mix it up a bit then there’s nothing like it.


Courtesy : Eilzabeth lies

5- Take Inspirations from Your Favourite Locales

If your favourite city is Paris then your home should reek of gold, sliver and light blush tones. If it is Jaipur then pink should be your colour. Make sure your home looks like the place you always dream about.


Courtesy : John Towner

6- Use pillows. A lot of them!

Apparently, size does matter. Architects and designers have the opinion that more than one pair of pillows should be used since it would make the room appear a lot more fuller. If we use contrasting colours and textures then that would be the icing on the cake.


Courtesy : Kari Shea

7- Play around with symmetry

Symmetry is key when it comes to doing justice to space. It augurs well with the human eye and adds an element of mystery and intrigue. So try arranging your furniture and other elements meticulously, in symmetry, and see how the magic works!


Courtesy : Annie Spratt

By adopting these promises that could be easily, easily implemented, you may well be one the rare few who will actually live up to their New Year resolutions! And trust us, the feeling that will come over when you see your home decked and beautiful, will be ineffable. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and give your home the makeover it truly deserves!