It’s summer season once again. And we’d like to tell you that summer isn’t the villain that it’s usually made out to be. Sure, the Sun’s unrelenting and yes, there’s all of the traffic that drenches and drains all the life out of you. But that’s just one side to summer. If you move yourself away; away from all of that and when enter your home, you could probably see a different side to the season.

We’re going to be offering a few tips and tricks so that you can make a summer haven out of your home. You’re welcome.


What is summer if not for a fresh, cheerful palette of colours. Your house deserves a new tint here and there, and a fresh coat of paint isn’t the only thing that can help you out. Some of the hues that work well in the season would be yellow, beige and tropical pink.



Getting comfortable with your surroundings isn’t always bad. Add a few of those fluffy layers to your sofas or divans (maybe, that bed too). But make sure they’re bright, contrasting and attractive. When you do something like that, the kind of compliment your home gets moves from “Lovely house” to a “Lovely house…. can I sit on that sofa. Show me around later?” Let your house get the compliments. Try more pillows.



A mirror not only adds depth to the room, but it helps keep it lively. Plus, with more light going around your room is bound to be brighter. And brighter should not be confused with hotter here. All the reflecting elements will add character and aesthetic value to your interiors.



You’ll be surprised at what a few potted plants can do to your living room. Allow your home décor to blossom with some hints of green! The rooms will be airy, thanks to the plants and the natural setting will elevate the overall appearance of your home.



Keep your windows open this summer. And that’s what most would say. But we’d also like you to undertake a creative exercise like painting it. Windows are your home’s eyes to the world outside. If you add your own style, your own aesthetic to your windows, then there’s nothing like it.



Last but not the least, try rearranging the furniture arrangement. Since it’s a new season, you could try a new setup at your home. You could perhaps shift the T.V unit or the main sofa area arrangement and see how it can affect change within your home, in the minutest of ways.

Furniture Arrangement

So these were a few tips on how you can make summer a lot more wonderful this time around. If you actually go on to implement them, you’ll be getting the best out of the season. Good luck to you!