What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a relatively new science that has, in the last sixty years, transformed work culture in a many ways. It is the method of designing or arranging workplaces, systems and products so that the users feel most comfortable while interacting with it.

In our case, we apply ergonomic principles when it comes to designing chairs and other pieces of furniture. While doing so, our designers take into consideration factors like a person’s body size, strength, speed and sensory abilities like their vision and hearing. This exercise helps us become doubly sure that our products will only benefit you at the end of it all.

Why Do You Need It In The Workspace?

Every desk job suffers from maladies like back-pain and neck-pain. In fact, research suggests that the second most common reason for visiting a doctor is back pain. The main reason for this could be wrong posture and long hours at the desk (On an average an adult spends up to 10 to 15 hours at work). And this results in loss of productivity too, since no individual can perform well while being in pain. Other portions of the body that may be affected are your shoulders and your hips.

All we can say is, prevention is better than cure. And the key is to use ergonomic office chairs.

The Benefits of Having Ergonomic Chairs In Your Workplace

The way you sit for ten odd hours in your workplace has a direct bearing on your physical health. Sitting in an awkward posture puts stress on your musculoskeletal system causing discomfort and fatigue in the neck, shoulders and back. But such a crisis can be averted when you use ergonomic chairs.

Here are some areas that stand to benefit:

  1. An Improved Posture

With the correct kind of posture your body stays aligned and is free from any stress. And a good chair with the right kind of ergonomic support system helps you achieve this equilibrium. Adjust the chair’s height in such a way that your feet remain flat on the floor and your knees remain parallel to your hips. You will see that there won’t be any question of bodily pain arising.

  1. Better Neck and Shoulders

Chairs without any headrest can cause severe neck and shoulder stiffness which may result in complications like cervical spondylosis. The headrest is something that we pay a lot of attention to in our design stage for the same reason. It ensures that you write your reports or make those client calls without having worrying about any physical pain.

  1. Healthy Back and Hips

Without the right kind of support, your back and hips will experience various degrees of pain. The chair must have a backrest that’s tall enough to support your entire spine. It ought to follow the spine’s natural curve and be angled in such a way that it fits your body well. A chair designed with the principles of ergonomics will ensure that these criteria are met.

So the next time you’re buying chairs for your workplace make sure you go for ones backed by ergonomic support. That will keep your workforce healthy and happy!