Did you know that on average people spend 9-12 hours in the office, so technically it’s your second home. But are you still putting up with the boring desk, and an uncomfortable chair?

Whether you’re working in an office or at home, it’s important to feel comfortable and inspired at your workstation. Space can be tight and full, but a comfortable and inviting workspace increases not only productivity and efficiency but also boosts your morale.

Your office doesn’t need a complete revamp, but just a little sprucing up. Remember, how you envy the office and desk of a creative person or a photographer and keep dreaming of making one for yourself?
Now is the time to redesign your workspace to something more welcoming but at the same time functional as well.

1. Distraction free Desk

We carry a lot of gadgets these days like laptops, tablets, phones which are enough distraction at work and also a source of entertainment. So, we already have a lot of distraction then let’s organize the desk a little better by eliminating wires and charges from the desk and putting them in a drawer. Keep things that you need daily like post-its, pen stands, etc.

And add one element that delights you like an indoor plant or a painting that you admire. Always opt for a simple elegant desk but with drawers that will help you to keep your desk neat.

2. Furniture Matters

Lounge chairs are great to relax for a while but not advisable for long hours of work. You need to go back to the old school, like a traditional desk and chair to be more productive. But with a twist rather opt for your style of a desk something like modern, contemporary or if you prefer clean desks then with loads of drawers to keep it neat.

Now, the most important thing to focus on while selecting furniture is the chair. Very essential for your health, so don’t skimp on it. Buy an ergonomic chair which is adjustable and comfortable as per your requirement. So, as your back, neck, and hands stay in the right posture.

3. Look for light

How we wish that we could get the luxury of natural light pouring in through the office windows. Nothing beats that, but don’t skip on lighting, there should be a perfect balance of lighting, else you will end up feeling lousy or cozy.

To make your office space bright other than the sealing fixed white lights are task lighting which is just on or above each desk to build in more focus. Else you can also add extra lamps around your cabin. Try in the residential designs as well to get more options for a homier look and feel.

4. Color & furnishings

Every color has significance and research says colors have a huge impact on mood as well as how the brain functions. The color palette and tones you decide impacts on your productivity, workspace wellbeing, and lastly mood.

For instance, certain colors like blue are universally known as a stable and calming color that helps to focus on the task in hand. Yellow is an optimistic color and helps stimulate creativity. Neutral color tones can be considered for creating a feeling of brightness and are great for the workspace.

5. Declutter

Now is the time to focus on the usual office stuff to be handled. What do you need to manage stuff like these?

Storage units which are not bulky and are according to the theme of the room but at the same time should be easily accessible. Look for wall mount racks, chest of drawers under your desk which are convenient and easy to maintain.

These are just food for thought. But the bottom line is to remember no matter whether your office is a dedicated separate room or a desk in a long office space; it should be a place that inspires you, motivates you every day to work and give your best.