Stories of Furniture Couples That Are Made For Each Other

If you’re thinking star couples could only be from the film fraternity and not the furniture fraternity (yes, that exists), you’re absolutely mistaken.

This Valentine’s Week, we’re going to show you how and why romance blossoms everywhere. Even among the so called non-living chairs, tables and sofas! 

Beds and Bedside Tables:

We’re talking about a couple as iconic as Humphrey Bogart and Ingmar Bergman here. The bed spreads out and makes its charming presence felt across the room. Its face seems as though it’s looking aimlessly at the sky, flirting with the fan perhaps?
For all its promiscuity, a bed is truly happy and contended only when there are those tiny but beautiful tables by its side.


Sofas and Center Tables:

Sofas and Center Tables were not always the way they are. Man set them up.

Every time he would sit on his sofa and slouch, he’d feel like there’s something missing. He tried asking many what’s wrong, only to realise later that he had always wanted to put his feet up and slouch a slouch that had never ever been slouched before; do something that would put most yoga practitioners to shame.  And that’s how he had his eureka moment and invented the center table. He could put his feet up on it while relaxing on the sofa. But the sofa and center table slowly got talking and boy, are they inseparable!  They might just slide away and let the sloucher fall, for all you care, but in every home the sofa must be kept close to the center table. They can’t live without one another. Period.


Office Chairs and Office Desks:

Offices are places where romance is usually not encouraged. The HR pulls up love-birds and sets them free- fires them, actually. Now this kind of instruction may be given out to you, but they forgot to inform the office chairs and desks.

Surprised? There’s more to it.

Each time you sat quietly working on that excel sheet, the office chairs and desks were flirting. Yes. Each time your chair spins slightly and touches the edge of the desk please understand that it’s a touch not too innocuous. Office chairs and office desks have always had this roller-coaster affair and have been the perfect looking couple in your office. You’ve just not been observant enough to notice this.

Office desks deserve to be together with office chairs. If you haven’t paired them up yet, this is a good chance. Check out Durian’s office chairs.