A dining table is a place bringing all family members together. Since you’re spending a lot of time home (because of work from home these days), you might be available for all meals with all family members.

But how do you go about choosing the right one for your family? Because dining table sets come in various options in terms of material. How do you know which one is the right one for your family?

We helped this family choose one. Read on.


A family of four – two parents and two sons – walked into one of our showrooms in Delhi inquiring about dining table sets.

A 4-seater would have been perfect for them. But one of the sons was about to get married.

They wanted to buy a 6-seater dining table to accommodate the new bride as well as present it as a gift to her.

They were looking for something long-lasting and elegant.

Our Recommendation

Several things were unique to their situation:

  • there were no small children around in the family – so there were no need to worry about scratches
  • they did not have any serious budget constraints
  • since all were adults, they could handle the material with greater care

That’s why we recommended our 6-seater Siberian Dining Set. The table has a marble top. All of them had a unique taste and this set suited their dressy, stylish sense. This stunning counter height table has a sleek sophisticated look. The marble is cool to the touch and easy to maintain as well. Looks beautiful, feels rich.

 Buy 6 seater siberian dining set

6-seater Siberian Dining Set

The family spent a lot of time asking us different questions about all types of material. They left the showroom telling us they would come back again.

Indeed, after four days, the family once again visited the showroom. They came with all the specific measurements and details they wanted. They had been researching online about marble as a material and were now sure about its sturdiness.

The Delivery

They wanted the delivery as soon as possible because of the upcoming wedding. We assured them that they need not worry. The dining set would reach them in time to be presented as a welcome gift for their new family member.

It was a hassle-free delivery with easy installation. And they were all impressed. They recommended us to their friends and family too.

Key Take-away

Every family has different needs and it is important to get them addressed before rushing to buy a long-term furniture like dining set. Take into consideration the number of family members, taste, special needs like children and pets, and so on before buying one.

At Durian, we do not recommend any piece of furniture without knowing more about the usage.