Whether it’s the Eid feast or any get together, make May 2021 a beautiful occasion to get together. We know you have a sumptuous menu planned. Let’s help you plan the ambience so that you can make the festival, the occasion, and the guests feel welcomed.

1. Quality, luxury – everything fancy

It’s a special day. It’s a day to leave your worries about your delicate cutlery and crockery behind. Bring out everything fancy you have – gorgeous napkins (avoid paper tissues – it’s a feast!), crystal cutlery, silver spoons – everything precious old gifted to you and brand new you’ve gifted yourself! Trust us, your dining table will look welcoming and appealing before the meal makes it appetizing!


2. Colour, colour – unique theme

Think of a colour theme for your table. Make your table look colour coordinated – from the table cloth to napkins to the borders on your plate to the bold colours on the plate itself – everything can have a layered play of colour. Again, before the feast begins to be served, let the appetite get flowing. As the cliché goes, people eat with their eyes first! Golden motifs on the textiles used around the dining table look absolutely stunning with feasty biryanis and Mughlai curries.

3. Lights for action!

If you have the right kind of lighting, you can beautifully complement the colour of your fries, gravies, curries, soups, and salads. A soothing yellow right at the top of the dining table or colourful lampshades around the table set the mood by adding the cheery spirit to the get together.


4. Design a center

The center of lavish dining tables gets enhanced with a stylishly designed flower-vase – especially if it complements the colors and the lights in the room. This touch of flowers makes the room beautiful and bright. Flowers cheer up life, don’t they? The center can also be up, you know. A chandelier at the center – right above the center of the table – in case the table is already too crowded will work just fine.


Voila! You’ll have a neat, beautiful dining table ready that would bring magic and glory to the food that you share.

Feasts are great occasions to expand or enhance your dining space. As you prepare yourself for the grand dinner, get your dining space ready too.

Get inspired by Durian ideas for dining sets and get in touch with us to get unique, customized suggestions for your space.