Summer is that time of the year when you really want to sit back at home and relax, staying away from the outside heat and spending some quality time with your family. That’s the time when you feel the need to have a comfy couch where you get cozy and enjoy the summer movies!

Here are a few must haves for your summer home that will enhance your summer holidays and help you spend the best comfortable family time.

There’s no better choice than owning a Bianca when you have friends coming over. The contemporary design of Bianca is composed of a winged back that has a smooth revolving mechanism to provide hours of stress-free relaxation. Draped in red velvet fabric, Bianca definitely adds volume to the living room.

Bianca Fabric Chair

Have oldies coming in? Not a problem. Grant is the classic example of the vintage coffee table from the 70’s and the 80’s. The table is engineered perfectly using the best quality Okoume Veneer wood to given its design a niche finish. The rubbers at the bottom of the table will help the table stand for you for years to come.

Grant Coffee Table

This is the dusky vintage solid wood table you need to stack your magazines this summer. Norvin is that perfect match for you that adds the old school charm to your living room. A set of 3 tables, Norvin can be easily set against the wall or stacked one below the other to save some space.

Norvin Set Of 3 Tables

Sitting back and relaxing comfortably is the plan. That’s exactly what Rachel provides you with. This signature wooden lounge chair is a unique piece that comprises of a well-cushioned seat and solid wood arms along with a matching cushion to ease the stress on your back. It’s a perfect match when you want to sit down in a corner with the book of your choice and some music.

Rachel Lounge Chair

When all you need is a classic solid king bed,  Clayton is the answer. An imperial style leather upholstered bed with classic buttons on its headboard, the inside is designed such that it can store a large amount of bedding and accessories. Thanks to its state of the art hydraulic system, paired with a side table of the similar design, Clayton as a centrepiece gives us all real master bedroom goals.

Clayton Solid King Bed

Do as the name suggests. PARK! The 3 seater Chenille sofa woven in soft blue fabric is a fabulous addition to your house. The sofa frame is fitted with sleek led lights for illumination to give your room a chic look. The comfy cushions adds on more comfort giving your house, an ideal living room structure.


Add these pieces to your home for your lazy summer house party plans. Find it in our stores or buy it online at NOW!