When it comes to workplace wellness, we all go blank or connect it with a vacation. Of course, vacations help but you can’t be approving leaves now and then. Employee wellbeing doesn’t always come with a cost. Some free lifestyle shifts can help the employee to focus better and stress less.
But do you feel the need to invest time in such a health and wellness program?
There are quite a few reasons to offer an employee with such programs, for reducing absenteeism, attract new people and increase employee engagement. Companies that implement such programs in their curriculum are known for being the best place to work at. Nowadays, the employee wellness program has become an industry standard and all have to follow to keep their employees adopt a healthy lifestyle.

1. Walking Meetings

According to a study published in The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine, walking for half an hour in the day helped employees feel less stressed and more relaxed. It was helpful for them to focus more and be more productive. When having a one to one discussion or meeting that doesn’t involve any presentation or laptop can be taken up while walking.

2. Reduce Noise Pollution

Did you know that excessive noise pollution like traffic, modern appliances, etc. increases blood pressure, heart attacks and even strokes. So, have a quiet, calm place designated for the employees to work silently or even have a cup of coffee or tea in a quiet place.

3. Sample Essential Oils

This year on wellness day or health day, the best gift to offer to your employees will be essential oil which works as stress-busters such as lavender, peppermint, etc. It will help them relax; unwind after office at home to feel energized and fresh the next day.

4. Make Plant Corners

We all know looking at greenery just relaxes the nerves and when you are surrounded with plants it helps the employee to focus more and enjoy nature every day. Make a plant corner or space because it gives freshness to the employee and a breath of fresh air. Studies have also shown that employees were 15% more productive when house plants were added at the workspace.

5. Ergonomic office chairs

We all are aware of ergonomics but still, we are not implementing it in our day to day lives. Ergonomic office chairs are important to invest in for a healthy and comfortable work environment. The professionally designed ergonomic office chair is a good step towards reducing health issues on an everyday basis.