This Women’s Day – Let’s take a pledge to not get comfortable

First of all, we would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Women’s Day. 

It’s a day that stands as a testament to the fact that gender inequality still remains, and gives us hope that if we fight together we can indeed bridge the gap.

But one must say, the times have not been too encouraging…

Women are still subjugated to biases of all kinds, at home, at the workplace and even outside.
The newspapers carry the same tragic news with different names, every day.
And when the stains in the columns have just begun to dry, you see a fresh scar splayed out, writhing and gasping for breath — again.

Let’s not kid ourselves- we know very well how sexism penetrates all walks of life in its various forms; we have seen it affect the people that we know. Maybe you have been a victim too. But we don’t do too much about it.

We treat all of this as normal and distance ourselves from the outside world, where everything’s going to be the same, no matter how much we may want it to change. We have become comfortable with it, as if its a fact- an irrevocable truth.
And that’s why as a company that believes in gender equality, we would like to make a pledge to you- to not get comfortable. We are into the business of providing comfort, yes, but we believe that in some cases, and a case as sensitive as gender especially, you should not get comfortable.

So let’s pledge to speak up and raise our voices till a day comes when all dates in a calendar- not just today, all seconds in every wall clock, the days, the nights- the roads that bustle and the paths that lay deserted—let women as well as men lead their lives in just the way they want.

Let’s not comfortable until then…