‘Tere Bin Bole Har Kona

Ghar Soona Soona Laage

Ghar Soona Soona Laage.’

–          The Walls In a Home Without Any Furniture

If you have moved into a new place with the makeshift charpoy and the odd pillow and nothing more, then brace yourselves, for you will be haunted by the wails of your walls (although we’re not sure they can get as creative with their song writing), until you get in some furniture. A house is not a home without furniture. Come to think about it, furniture plays an important role in our lives and we don’t even notice it.

Your sofa was there when you jumped (on it) during the World Cup victory. It plays host to so many conversations. Tables, for that matter are privy to many awkward first dates; they have also seen a fair bit of dinner conversation banter (some pots and pans being flung around at times) at the homes where they are placed. And think about the almirahs where you used to hide while playing hide and seek when you were little…

Isn’t that a sweet and indelible portion of your memory? If your life is a film then furniture has played the role of a silent but meaningful prop, isn’t it?

To demonstrate it, we’ll give you a few more examples: Chairs

Lest we forget about those chairs that were valiant enough to lose their legs and make sacrifices in the name of education (If you had a strict Dad you know exactly what we’re talking about!) Also, waiting room chairs are very resilient and accommodating, we must say, for one wouldn’t be able to wait as much if it were not for their services.

And lastly, if we talk about beds, which are the softest and warmest places to return to in the whole wide world, we’ll say very little and leave the rest to your imagination.

Like we said, furniture has been a part of our lives and has been extremely instrumental in engineering these memorable moments.  And we at Durian only strive to make these moments happen for you. So the next time you see a sofa or a dining table, let’s hope that you view them in different light!