When it comes to choosing mattresses, you’ll find all kinds of options in the market. But which one  will suit you the best? And how do you decide? Let’s walk you through things to look for in a foam mattress so that you can sleep well for a lifetime!

Cotton Mattresses

Traditionally, mattresses used to be made of cotton wool – balls of cotton wool used to be stuffed into a cloth. In order to keep the balls in place, the mattress makers would hold them in place with the help of several stitches all over the surface of the mattress.

A new cotton mattress would therefore look bulky and thick. However, with time, the cotton balls would become flat and the mattress would become slimmer. The mattress would also become 2 inches longer and broader from its original size. As a result, it wouldn’t fit onto your bed. And because of its thinness, a new one would be needed.

This process of buying a new mattress every 2 years or so gets difficult to sustain in contemporary times. Plus making your body adjust to a new mattress every now and then can be really very taxing!

That’s why memory foam mattresses have been designed – blending ergonomics, design thinking, and sleep science.

Let’s find out more.

 Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is a healthy material that goes into the making of both mattresses as well as pillows. It is soft to touch and aligns well with the shape of the body as we sleep.

Memory foam is ideal for giving relief from backache. It does not let you sink completely into the bed. Neither does it make you bounce as you lie down! This balance is absolutely essential for enjoying good and healthy sleep.
Because there are no round balls scattered all over the mattress, a memory foam mattress touches your body evenly. You don’t feel any discomfort or pain.

Traditional mattresses make you feel all kinds of movements that your partner makes! But with  a properly designed memory foam mattress, you get to sleep without any disturbance caused by any movements made by your partner.

 Durian’s Wink – A Unique Memory Foam Mattress

With our experience of designing products to give maximum comfort, we’ve invested the best of resources into designing Wink Mattress.

Memory foam mattress

Apart from providing you with all the benefits of a memory foam mattress, Wink comes with an assurance of hygiene and good health. It’s a premium mattress that has a knitted high GSM fabric  for its quilt-like top layer – to protect you from any allergies and asthma.

It’s a luxury product that you’d only find in the luxury hotels! But we designed it to give you the best comfort at home!

Wink is available in 2 variations – Balance and Ortho. 

Thoughtfully designed, Balance comes with a world-class 5 layer construction that adapts to your sleep style, striking a perfect balance between sink and bounce, providing quality sleep every time. A layer of high resilient foam offers balanced comfort and builds on a layer of pure filler free that provides a stabilizing base and reduces partner disturbance. A pressure-relieving memory foam layer responds to your weight to provide continuous support throughout the night.

Ortho comes with a layer of gel-infused premium memory foam and a layer of high resilience foam offering differentiated support to each part of the body. The core layer of rebonded foam provides superior orthopedic support making your spine stronger and correcting your posture. It is especially meant for orthopedic use – it gives restful sleep to those who suffer from backache or any type of joint pain.

Look forward to a better sleep and get rid of pain-inducing mattresses. With ergonomics at your disposal, why should you choose anything less than the best?

To know more about Durian’s Wink mattress, visit our website or walk into a Durian store near you.